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Investors of Nokia Corp. doubt that Lumia smartphones based on Windows Phone operating system (OS) will be able to turn the company around and return it to the position of a top smartphone vendor it once was. However, the management of Nokia wants to stick to Windows Phone platform and does not seem to have any plans to release smartphones based on any other OS.

"You are a nice guy […] and the leadership team is doing its best, but clearly, it is not enough. Are you aware that results are what matter? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Please switch to another road,” said Hannu Virtanen, a Nokia shareholder, at the annual general meeting in Helsinki, Finland, while addressing Stephen Elop, reports Reuters news-agency.

The transition to Windows Phone from Nokia's own Symbian system announced in 2011 was meant to take two years. The period is now over, the transition is nearly complete, but the actual sales of Lumia handsets are well below those of Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and other leading-edge smartphones. Moreover, as sales of smartphones are growing globally, sales of Nokia smartphones are getting lower. To make the matters even worse, it does not seem that traditional Nokia customers are transiting to Windows Phone from Symbian.

The executive team of Nokia does not seem to have any plans regarding Google Android operating system, which is the No.1 smartphone OS on the planet. As it appears, there is now no any “plan B”.

"We make adjustments as we go. But it is very clear to us that in today's war of ecosystems, we have made a very clear decision to focus on Windows Phone with our Lumia product line. And it is with that that we will compete with competitors like Samsung and (Google's operating system) Android,” said Stephen Elop, chief exec of Nokia, at the conference.

Nokia shares are now trading at €2.72, a fraction of their €65 peak in 2000, when Nokia was the absolute leader in mobile phones. Asked why they still held Nokia stock despite poor financial results and a pause in yearly dividends, some older attendants at the AGM [annual general meeting] acknowledged to being sentimental about a firm that symbolized Finland's rebirth after the collapse of the USSR in the early 1990s, its main trading partner.

"[Nokia’s] best chance of success is not going head to head with Apple. We think it will be in the mid-range. That's $300 rather than the $600 models. That's where customers in emerging markets and first-time buyers will be looking,” said Brian Colello, an analyst with Morningstar.

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So... investors want them to switch to Android? Who aside from Samsung has been successful with Android? Or maybe they would prefer a switch to MeeGo or some other silliness? Nokia's biggest mistake is that they didn't reduce their reliance on Symbian fast enough, not that they bet on the wrong horse.

They'd be wise not to listen too much to advice--just like Jobs didn't listen to Michael Dell in 1997 when he suggested they simply fold and return money to the shareholders.
3 1 [Posted by: bluvg  | Date: 05/09/13 02:17:52 PM]

These guys ought to be really stupid. Well, who the hell said money makes you smart........
Look at the fack Nokia's "investors". Samsung is a MONSTRUOUS powerhouse, they do manufacture almost everything inside their phones. They do pay ROYALTIES to Microsoft for using Android though.
Look at the Android Landscape:
1- Motorola: Despite being owned by Google, how well are they doing. If I am not wrong, Google is the company behind Android. If that's so, Motorola should be doing much better, but it is not.
2- HTC: Once very powerful, struggling to survive in the Android market, despite that fact that they are creating hardware that's superior to most of the competitors, they can't gain traction.
3- What other Mobile OS options are out there? NONE.

Let's face it, in the android front, only Samsung is really doing good, and Google is terrified of this monopoly they have. The Galaxy brand is probably worth more than the android name for many folks.

Nokia did the only right move they could, embrace WP and help it grow. WP today is growing worldwide, I think it's not doing better because things are just not happening fast enough. Only this month WP8 devices started selling with contract here in Brazil. I could buy my Lumia 920 only in March, when they showed up at the Nokia stores and on their local website. Come on, more than 6 months after they showed up in other countries.

Microsoft is also to blame, for being slow to implement new features to the OS, but we all know they are coming with GDR2 and GDR3 and soon with Windows Blue. We Lumia WP8 users have a clear path of high quality upgrades for at least 1 year. Say that about android.......

Maybe the "investors" want Nokia to try and license ios (as if that would ever be possible...........) Come on guys, stop being stupid and look at the big picture, Windows Phone is poised to grow a lot, with Blue coming, new tablets selling in high quantities people will take great interest in Windows Phone because they will be familiar with it from the Desktop and Tablet they will use and have at home/work, it's just a matter of time (12 to 18 months I think until WP8 will reach around 20% market share in most markets worldwide).

Keep up bringing new devices Nokia, you're doing great and we're eager to have new quality hardware, but please don't take too long to launch it worldwide!!!!!!!!!
3 1 [Posted by: firstonevorlon  | Date: 05/09/13 02:50:42 PM]

We saw a historical change in the mobile sector. An open source OS based on Linux conquered the market proving that open source DOES work for the average Joe.
Whoever insists on closed source OSes is doomed to fail and he will fail.
Nokia is doomed and this is really pity since it used to support open platforms and Linux.
Blame Microsoft and his hijacking of this valuable company for this doom...
0 0 [Posted by: greg batmarx  | Date: 05/10/13 06:55:12 AM]
- collapse thread

Yeah, it's working out real well for LG, HTC, Sony....
0 0 [Posted by: bluvg  | Date: 05/10/13 07:57:01 AM]


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