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Samsung Electronics has decided not to utilize its own system-on-chip for its forthcoming Galaxy Tab 3 media tablet with 10.1” display, but to rely on a system-on-chip produced by Intel Corp., according to specifications of the product revealed by a benchmark developer. The reasons behind the decision are unclear, but it looks like Intel has managed to create a high-performance SoC that consumes small amount of power.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 model GT-P5210 will be based on Intel Atom “Clovertrail” system-on-chip with two cores, Hyper-Threading technology, Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX 544MP graphics engine (with two clusters) and so on, according to an entry in GLBenchmark database, which is a popular test software for smartphones and tablets. Maximum clock-speed of Atom SoC will be 1600MHz, hence its performance should be pretty decent in applications that actually need x86 chip with two cores and four virtual threads.

The choice of microprocessor is not the only surprise regarding the Galaxy Tab 3 with 10.1" display. As it appears, it will feature 1280*800 screen resolution, not retina-class display as expected previously. It will run Google Android 4.2.2 “Jelly Bean” operating system, just like the Galaxy S4 smartphone, which has higher resolution screen and better graphics engine. 

Even though Intel’s x86 microprocessors are expected to have hard times winning designs with Android operating system, the largest adopter of the platform that has tremendous influence on development of future apps for Android, has decided to try Intel SoC despite of the fact that it has its own processor development team.

Keeping in mind that Samsung is known for using different chips for devices that carry the same brand, it is possible that some Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with 10.1" display will utilize Intel Atom “Clovertrail”, other will be powered by Samsung’s own Exynos-series application processors and another flavor will feature chips from different vendors.

Samsung and Intel did not comment on the news-story.

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Only Intel for Galaxy Tab 3 10.1"

Galaxy TAB is not top of the line.

1 1 [Posted by: Vampire36  | Date: 05/22/13 12:23:13 AM]
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The article did not say it was top of the line, so that is a rather irrelevant comment.
1 1 [Posted by: Kane Bunce  | Date: 05/22/13 02:03:18 AM]

Samsung is paying a diplomatic courtesy to Intel (or being arm twisted) for continued use of its other processors. It could have avoided this by just going with AMD. Samsung will eventually see the light.
0 0 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 05/22/13 05:28:24 AM]
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I always thought you are a blind fanboy. This comment proves that I was right.
How can an AMD chip run Android?
0 1 [Posted by: Adaska Akand  | Date: 05/23/13 04:10:07 AM]
The same way Intel chip runs Android!
0 0 [Posted by: ano69  | Date: 05/26/13 03:59:32 AM]
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0 0 [Posted by: Alan123  | Date: 05/25/16 12:30:40 PM]

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0 0 [Posted by: MarleneLuis35  | Date: 05/22/13 09:18:30 AM]

huh i wonder how much intel payed them to do this move ...

and its not about being and AMD fanboy, but dont you dare make the argument that x86 running ARM is better than ARM running ARM
0 0 [Posted by: medo  | Date: 05/22/13 10:30:38 AM]

This is going to be a big improvement over the older galaxy tap 10.1 which uses dual cortex A9 @1GHz

I not sure why people hate intel too much. ALso, from what I know most games and application on google store support X86. And we will likely see more in the future
0 0 [Posted by: maroon1  | Date: 05/22/13 11:27:43 AM]

Samsung will still make money, selling Intel based tablets, so they will sale a higher priced product for Intel fans! AMD owns SeaMicro and SeaMicro has some SKUs that use Intel processors, and SeaMicro makes AMD money! Samsung and Apple, no love lost between them, Samsung still does business with Apple, and they make a tidy little sum on the one hand, and a legal battle with Apple on the other, who would have gussed it! But these companys sell things to make Money! But as far as total CPUs sold, there are a whole swarm, of them ARM CPUs, replicating, out there, and they will cover the bigger, more power hungry CPUs, in ratios to big to imagine, and for prices cheeper than chiclets!
1 0 [Posted by: BigChiefRunAmok  | Date: 05/22/13 12:01:51 PM]


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