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In the world where smartphones not only outsell PCs, but even feature-phones, it is not really wise not to address the rapidly growing market. Nonetheless, it looks like Advanced Micro Devices, the No. 2 microprocessor supplier in the world, still has no plans for making chips for smartphones, something that even much smaller companies develop.

Lisa Su, senior vice president and general manager of global business units at AMD, reaffirmed in an interview with GulfNews web-site that the chip designer is trying to address nearly all rapidly growing markets, including low-cost/low-power personal computers, video game consoles, media tablets, hybrids, but only not smartphones. Moreover, the company even has no plans to enter the highly-competitive smartphone SoC business.

“We really want to play to our strength in microprocessors, design and graphics capability. Gaming is a major focus for AMD. We are looking for areas to differentiate and gaming is a place where we can differentiate. […] We will continue to look for key opportunities. The traditional PC market is really changing as we see a lot of new form factors. The PC business is our key but we will look for opportunities that will help us grow. […] Our APU strategy is working. We have announced our third-generation APUs in May – Kabini, Temash and Richland. We got a strong feedback and more and more applications will be using the APU architecture,” said Ms. Su.

It is pretty hard for AMD to develop a smartphone chip since it simply almost has no experience in sub-1W application processors and does not have any communication IP. Still, the company now has license for ARM Cortex-A50 low-power/high-performance cores and in a year it will have access to GlobalFoundries’ 14nm-XM process technology, which will reduce power consumption of 28nm by 50% or more. Besides, AMD could license communication technologies from third parties. Therefore, over time the company may gain ability to address smartphones.

Just half a year ago AMD also had no plans to support Google Android platform. Last month the company changed its stance and announced plans to support both Android and Chrome OS.

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Just half a year ago AMD also had no plans to support Google Android platform. Last month the company changed its stance and announced plans to support both Android and Chrome OS.

Yes but there is a huge difference between creating a broad software stack to support the sales growth of your current hardware, than there is in inventing an entirely new microarchitecture/chip for one specific market segment.
0 0 [Posted by: JBG  | Date: 07/03/13 03:59:19 PM]

When one has missed the boat and every and their dog are trying for the same market it is often wiser to leave well alone, as when there is a mad scramble for one market segment the profit goes out of that segment.
1 0 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 07/03/13 04:18:17 PM]

Problem for AMD is all their higher margin markets are shrinking.
0 0 [Posted by: beck2448  | Date: 07/03/13 07:56:33 PM]

i consider ths is a wise move why-
1. AMD has to ship tens of million APU for PS4 and xbx1 so it will suck considerable part of resources. and we seen last year AMD laid-off half of its employees coz financial crisis so it will be hard to enter any bigger-highly competitive market soon.
2.AMD is making itself a "GAMER EXCLUSIVE" company by never settle bundles(increasing AMD gpu sales day by day),coding level partnership with best game engines like frosbite 3.0, cryengine.
3.AMD is currently busy with revolutionary HSA feature which due in Q4 2013(kaveri) and nest-gen HSA i.e. architectural level integration and discreet GPU HSA.
4.AMD is putting its all cylinders firing for HD9000 volcanic island GPU(discreet gpu HSA).
5.AMD is working hard with stamroller,excavator core and ARM server chips.
6.with recently announced custom chips AMD is going to target new,untouched and less crowded market- SONY already shown interest in AMD chips for next-gen tv,, amd is targeting 100+ million per year smart tv market.
7.don't worry sooner or later AMD will surely come in smartphone market- AMD will come with ARMv8 64bit design not with 32bit older ARMv7 design(that's why not bought ARMv7 license) so taking time.. other thing is AMD set to make smartphone chips on 14nmXM or advanced process that's another reason why AMD is not coming till 2015.
3 1 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 07/03/13 09:54:19 PM]

There are just too many players trying to make SoC's from smartphones.

TI , Renesas mobile and ST-Ericsson already dropped out because the competition was too tough.

Since AMD sold it's handheld division to quallcomm AMD has had nothing it could do to compete in this market area.

So AMD is doing wisely when it's not trying to compete in very crowded market without good products for the market.
0 0 [Posted by: hkultala  | Date: 07/03/13 10:04:09 PM]


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