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Intel Corp. has formed yet another product group that will oversee sales of ultra-small electronics, wearable computing, connected devices and DIY [do it yourself] enthusiast electronics. The Internet-of-things (IoT) products group is designed to establish Intel’s positions on a variety of emerging markets. To boost the group, it will also be given some of existing product lines.

Intel IoT group will promote products like low-power Quark processor for wearable or connected devices that do not need a lot of performance, but that benefit from extremely low power consumption. In addition, the division will sell various low-power Atom system-on-chips for such devices as vending machines, ATMs, portable medical devices, energy monitors or in-vehicle entertainment systems. The group will also take charge of software belonging to units like Wind River Systems, which are used by the chips in devices or servers, reports ComputerWorld web-site.

Intel’s Internet-on-Things group will not be created from empty space, but will be formed from existing product lines that are currently sold by Intel’s datacenter or even software groups. This greatly defocuses its main task: to create extremely competitive offerings for emerging markets.

"Bringing the intelligent systems hardware, software, services, and platform elements together into one organization will allow us to bring increased value to our customers," said Krystal Temple, an Intel spokeswoman.

Intel IoT will report to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and president Renee James.

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Following AMD.... 18 months later. Nice compliment. But it goes to show how AMD is more nimble. Intel is bureaucratic heavy, like Mircosoft with too many people making Powerpoint slides.
0 1 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 11/09/13 06:45:27 AM]

The Internet of things is currently ruled by the companies that license the ARM Holdings IP, AKA the ARM industry! From DVD recorders, to TVs and refrigerators, and most other ubiquitous, smart devices, as well as the majority of smart phones and tablets! Intel is like the galactic empire, in Asimov's foundation series, who were (Great at building huge city block size nuclear reactors, but had never had the ability to build the portable size nuclear reactors, that the experts of the trade federation had produced for their devices). Intel, like the failing galactic empire can not stop its fall, and is too big and byzantine the match the ARM industrys' low cost, fully customizable offerings, from the thousands of companys that utilize the ARM holdings IP, to produce Billions and Billions of ARM based refrence and custom (Apple,and others) CPUs!
0 1 [Posted by: BigChiefRunAmok  | Date: 11/09/13 01:58:10 PM]


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