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For a number of years AMD has been trying to sell its system-on-chips for tablets by just advertising their high-performance thanks to x86 architecture and leading-edge Radeon graphics engine, but has regularly failed to gain any mass market acceptance due to many reasons. Instead of trying to convince both partners and end users in superiority of its next-gen SoC for slates, AMD decided to design its own tablet and show what exactly its chips capable of.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 the Sunnyvale, California-based chip designer plans to demonstrate not only its forthcoming code-named Mullins accelerated processing unit with up to 2W scenario design power and improvements in performance compared to existing offerings, but a tablet reference design based on the new chip. Code-named Discovery, the design should prove that AMD’s application processors can enable lightweight, sleek and feature-rich tablets suitable for everyday use.


AMD Discovery tablet with AMD dock port connector expands functionality of the PC tablet in three unique ways: increased compute capabilities, simplified connectivity and innovative docking solutions. In particular, AMD will showcase a tablet presumably with 4G/LTE connectivity and a cam with a flash; a docking station with integrated speakers, an Ethernet port, five or more USB ports and other connectors; as well as a special gaming peripheral with audio, analog sticks, D-pad and other console-like buttons.

AMD Discover tablet. Images by PC Watch web-site.

So far, AMD has already won CES innovations design and engineering award by the Consumer Electronics Association, which proves that the product is actually useable and unique.

While AMD’s Discovery tablet seems to be very innovative from many points of view and it is clear that it will attract a lot of attention from the end-user, it remains to be seen whether the reference design will actually be adopted by the company’s partners. Previously, AMD has offered “complete” end-to-end reference designs of mobile devices developed with contract manufacturers. Unfortunately, those designs have not been adopted.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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Nvidia and Intel will reach deep into their pockets to keep this one on the drawing board. But quite frankly, it looks like a real gem.
8 4 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 11/15/13 09:24:18 PM]
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1 7 [Posted by: Sagia86  | Date: 11/16/13 12:21:56 AM]
You are so pompous. You never had the education or genes to become a computer engineer otherwise you'd be working hard on such devices in the prime of your life at 27. And get rid of your sarcastic tone in making points please.
4 3 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 11/16/13 01:03:35 AM]

very impressive design but i am sure intel,nvidia will put their all engines on fire to make this product a failure by buying channels,bribe etc.

we all know that amd temash is way better than current atom,i personally tested atom powered tablet running win8.....pathetic experience...and we hv no temash tablet in market shelf..why????????

MONEY IS POWER,DOMINANCE,MONOPOLY.........and intel hv that so needless to say this good product is going to face endless problems
6 3 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 11/15/13 09:46:47 PM]
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You are so right friend. AMD's competitors have accumulated so much wealth through unmitigated mafia style corrupt practices they are almost completely dominant. AMD has to combat through innovation way beyond what is regarded as standard to get adoption and traction of its superior technologies. This is one example of the failure of America's type of capitalism (largely unregulated).
3 3 [Posted by: fanboyslayer  | Date: 11/16/13 01:21:46 AM]

Surely the dock has to be more than a USB hub and power supply/ stand?
Another APU in there would be a treat, to run in Crossfire.
1 0 [Posted by: caring1  | Date: 11/16/13 01:17:12 AM]

Interesting design with features never seen before in a table/dock, I like it very much but will the OEM's accept the design with AMD inside or will intel bully them so its a disappointing atom inside..............I 'kin hope not
2 2 [Posted by: alpha0ne  | Date: 11/16/13 03:18:47 AM]

Yeap, innovation solves always the problem when you are restricted by monopoly practices.

Just remember Google's fighting with the bear Microsoft since 2002.

Google were much smaller, but by innovations like Google books, Google search, threw strongly the face of the giant Microsoft.
1 0 [Posted by: Tud Bar  | Date: 11/16/13 04:21:49 PM]

Maybe the folks that make the Mint Box, should jump at this refrence design, and work with Steam to get a client running for it! With Linux this should not be hard, and the Mint-Tab is born! But, any more M$ exclusivity will be AMDs downfall!
2 1 [Posted by: BigChiefRunAmok  | Date: 11/16/13 05:47:32 PM]

With AMD's emphasis on customized APUs for many platforms going forward, this reference tablet is just a hint of what is possible and also what may already be in the works. PS4, Xbox and Wii were not overnight projects.
3 3 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 11/16/13 06:02:30 PM]

What's not completely clear from this is the size of the tablet. Hopefully it's 8" or under or it's dead in the water.

The idea itself, using a docked mobile device as a PC, is good. Whether it works in practice will depend on how good Mullins is for everyday use. A dock with some extra cooling which allows the CPU to run faster would help.

Details will also be important, for example this looks like it will have DisplayPort outputs, but most users will want HDMI.

I guess we'll have to wait and see the actual specs and experience. Good thing that I decided to wait on the Windows tablet purchase. I'm dying for one, but the current devices seem a bit rough from user reports. Hopefully AMD will get Mullins released sooner rather later.
2 1 [Posted by: ET3D  | Date: 11/17/13 02:35:22 AM]
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My best guesstimate based on comparative size of the USB ports makes it a 10.1 screen.
Which may make it a little unwieldy for portable gaming but better for everyday usage, IMO.
Another site mentions it has Display Port 1.2 outputs and has a picture of the rear of the gaming controllers on the Tablet, It is a one piece unit with the lower speaker, the controls seem to have ports at the back for sound also. I presume they are for bass.
0 0 [Posted by: caring1  | Date: 11/17/13 11:15:00 PM]


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