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How many times have you left the house, only to realize you have left your wallet, or your phone, sitting on the kitchen table? All of us, from time-to-time. That’s all about to change with the Nokia Treasure Tag. Attached to various assets, the Nokia Treasure Tag, and your Lumia, will alert owners when his/her valuables become separated.

The Treasure Tag (TG) is a small box with Bluetooth/NFC interconnection, a beeper and simple logic. The device relies on a replaceable standard coin cell type (CR-2032) battery and can last up to whopping six month. Measuring just 30*30*10mm (roughly the size of a match box) and weighing in at just 13g, the Nokia Treasure Tag is a small accessory that can be attached to a wallet, keys, bag or something else. Still for truly small devices like pens or headsets/earbuds, the TG is unusable.

Each treasure tag should be connected/paired to a smartphone (a special app is required, initially, only Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone platform will be supported) using NFC or Bluetooth. When the smartphone and a tag get separated by a significant range, the two will emit a loud tone to alert owners of this fact. In case the range is not significant, then it will be possible to hear the sound produced by the forgotten device and locate it. In case no tone can be heard, the clever app will help one to locate the lost item on a map.

It is possible to have up to four different Nokia Treasure Tags simultaneously connected to a Nokia Lumia. If owner has got one tag connected to keys and another connected to a bag, he or she can assign ready-made icons for each. Alternatively, you it is possible to use a photo instead of an icon.

Each Tag you have connected to your Lumia can be placed onto your Start screen as a Live Tile and will be colour coded to match your Tag, giving you updates as to when the Tag was last seen. You’re then just one click away from being reunited with your belongings. However, if you decide to leave your bag (with Tag attached) at home for the day, a long press will deactivate the Tag. Alternatively, you can mute the alarm or put it into sleep mode from the Nokia Tag app.

Nokia Treasure Tag comes in four different colours: cyan, yellow, white and black. With a recommended retail price of €24.90 ($29.90), Nokia Treasure Tag is expected to start selling in April to retailers globally.

Nokia Treasure Tag will work with Lumia phones that have the Lumia Black update. There will also be third-party applications for Treasure Tag to support Apple iOS and Google Android-based devices.

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Similar to the Tile, developed to work on iOS devices, although I'm not sure if it has NFC, but it does show you via your device where it is on a map.
I think the ability to disable the "Treasure Tag" isn't going to deter thefts and makes the point of having them moot.
0 0 [Posted by: caring1  | Date: 02/21/14 05:11:10 AM]


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