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Intel Corporation said today Intel Centrino mobile technology is the new brand name for its upcoming wireless mobile computing technology. It was specially mentioned that this is the first time Intel calls a combination of a CPU and a technology with one brand-name that represents a platform. According to Intel, the Centrino technology will bring extended battery life, thinner and lighter form factors with high mobile performance.

The technologies represented by the Intel Centrino brand will include a microprocessor (formerly code-named “Banias” and probably Dothan), related chipsets and 802.11 (Wi-Fi) wireless networking capability. Although earlier it was said that Intel will only offer additional discounts for “CPU+WLAN” combination (see this news-story), it is now clear that Intel simply wants to sell WLAN-equipped mobility platforms only and will not promote Banias platform without Wi-Fi feature.

Banias will appear in the first quarter this year in 1.6GHz, 1.5GHz, 1.4GHz and possibly 1.3GHz versions. Low voltage (LV) and ultra low voltage (ULV) models will also make their appearance with 1.1GHz and 900GHz clock-speeds accordingly. The processors utilise the same FCBGA package as Pentium 4-M, but some pins are a little different, presently making it impossible to develop a universal platform for both. At first, Banias processors will be quite expensive, hence, the lower-end notebooks will still be based on mobile Celeron processors.

I wonder how Intel will explain the difference between different platforms powered by equal processors. For instance, how will they call a combination of i855GM (the ex-Montara-GM) and the Banias 1.40GHz and a combination of i855PM (the former Odem) and the same Banias chip?

After Intel launches its next-generation mobile processors, they will try to tackle the problem with the power consumed by LCD screens. It is expected that by the time the semiconductor giant releases its code-named Dothan chip, LCD-screens with lowered power-consumption will appear on the market. According to the rumours, Intel invested about $10 million in Taiwan-based Toppoly Optoelectronics, which produces LCD panels and currently needs additional funds to expand its LTPS (low-temperature poly-silicon) TFT LCD production line.

Intel Centrino

The new Intel Centrino mobile technology brand name will be represented by a new logo carrying the famous Intel Inside mark. The logo, featuring a striking magenta color and a completely new shape, suggests flight, mobility, and forward movement. Well, also the logotype represents a heart on a side, maybe, alluding end-users that they are going to love Intel Centrino.

Well, forward ever, backward never, Intel Banias is almost here.

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