ABIT to Release Barebones for Overclockers

by Anton Shilov
08/06/2003 | 06:53 AM

Small Form Factor systems become more and more popular among different groups of end-users and various vendors begin to offer exciting barebone systems tailored for their unique target groups. Earlier this year MSI, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of PC equipment, unveiled its MEGA SFF PCs that more resemble consumer electronics wonder rather than a personal computer; now ABIT, the producer of legendary mainboards for overclockers, plans to enter the market with its own barebones.


Since ABIT is mostly known for its hardware intended for enthusiasts, its SFF systems also have a set of features that differ the device from typical barebones.

The size of ABIT’s barebone will be a bit larger compared to other products of the same kind: 307x220x250mm (W x H x D). The barebone will be equipped with a special blue LCD screen that will help to control and monitor your system (e.g. fan speed monitoring & control, CPU temperature monitoring, etc). Additionally, there are 4 hot key bottons for easy multimedia navigation, IR for the remote control and also a special knob called “Overclock Navigator” with blue light around it for easy overclocking. Impressive, isn’t it?

Besides of all those kicking functionality, ABIT’s SFF PC will feature the vast majority of technologies found in its current mainboards and will allow installing two 5.25” drives, two 3.5” HDDs, up to three PCI cards, an AGP 8x graphics card, card-readers and so on. ABIT will utilise a special Outside Thermal Exhaust System (OTES) for cooling down the hot Intel Pentium 4 (not sure about Prescott) processors and i865G GMCH.

All in all, ABIT’s barebones promise to be feature-rich multimedia-capable machines suitable for all activities by typical consumers. Nevertheless, even so-called power users will find the PCs impressive.