Intel Unveils Mobile Processors with 5.5W Power Consumption

Intel Launches ULV Core Solo Chips Without Fanfares

by Anton Shilov
04/19/2006 | 10:28 AM

Without much hype Intel Corp. introduced its new mobile processors with ultra-low power consumption at Intel Developer Forum in

Beijing, China. While the new chips cannot boast with two processing engines, they have record low consumption of energy and are based on the Intel Core micro-architecture.

David Perlmutter, senior vice president and general manager of Intel Corp.’s mobility group, announced the Intel Core Solo processors ultra low voltage (ULV) U1400 (1.20GHz) and U1300 (1.06GHz) during his keynote at IDF Beijing. The chips consume just about 5.5W, which is 0.5W higher compared to ultra low voltage Intel Pentium M processor 1.10GHz (2MB cache), but bring significantly improved performance and micro-architectural advantages over predecessors.

“These processors deliver industry leading performance and ultra-low power targeted for the slim and sleek laptop designs,” said Intel’s spokeswoman Connie M. Brown.

Along with the processors the world’s largest chipmaker unveiled its new Intel 945GMS Express chipset that is especially designed to support ULV Intel Core Solo processors as well as the low voltage (LV) Intel Core Duo chips.

Intel said that Gateway, Fujitsu Siemens, Sony and Lenovo will all introduce laptops based on the new ULV Core Solo chip and some additional designs from other original equipment manufacturers will become available in the next couple of months based on the LV Intel Core Duo Processor.

Intel Core Solo processors U1300 and U1400 will be priced at $225 and $245 in 1000-unit quantities.