OCZ Offers Enthusiasts “Do-It-Yourself” Notebooks

OCZ to Allow Gamers to Build Their Own Laptops

by Anton Shilov
05/14/2008 | 05:41 PM

OCZ Technology Group, a leading supplier of various hardware for PC performance enthusiasts and gamers, on Thursday unveiled a notebook initiative under which mobile PCs that can be almost completely customized by end-users afterwards, like almost any desktop system. The only problem for such customers will be to find appropriate components on the market after they obtain the laptop.


Under OCZ Do-It-Yourself (DIY) notebook initiative OCZ Technology group will allow customers to get notebook barebones, which are usually sold to system integrators or suppliers, directly from OCZ, configure their laptops according to recommendations of OCZ and then assemble the machine themselves, which saves some money to the end-user due to lack of labor cost. Eventually, customers will be able to install different components into their laptops provided that they can obtain them.

OCZ DIY Gaming Notebook barebone comes with 15.4” display, Intel PM965 core-logic, Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT with 512MB GDDR2 memory, CD/DVD burner, keyboard, touchpad, battery and so on.

Unfortunately, OCZ DIY chassis does not allow to change graphics adapter, a crucially important part of a system for gamers. In addition, it is impossible to pre-order screen with higher resolution as well as Blu-ray disc drive to watch movies in high-definition. Still, it is possible to install various Intel Core 2 microprocessors, different amount of memory, appropriate hard disk drive and so on.

“For years consumers have wanted to build their own mobile computing platforms, but the product offerings and market simply did not serve them as they did in the desktop do it yourself segment. With the OCZ Do-It-Yourself Notebook initiative, OCZ empowers with the resources like validated component guides, documentation, tech support, and a warranty to allow consumers to configure and build a true gaming notebook with the exact specification that matches their unique requirements,” said Eugene Chang, product manager for OCZ system solutions.

OCZ’s DIY initiative was inspired by enthusiasts, but created for everyone. According to the company, OCZ’s program makes it easy and convenient to build your own notebook by detailing validated components, the assembling process, and offering direct online and toll-free support for true peace of mind from beginning to end. The current solution will be just one of many upcoming high performance notebooks which will be released later this year.

Pricing and availability details were not touched upon.