OCZ Technology Offers “Do-It-Yourself” Netbook

OCZ Announces Neutrino DIY Netbook

by Anton Shilov
03/06/2009 | 05:37 AM

OCZ Technology, a popular supplier of premium computer components and advanced memory products, has unveiled the world’s first “do-it-yourself” (DIY) netbook, which end-users can configure themselves. While the product seems to be rather interesting, it does not exactly fit into typical netbook framework of low-cost low-performance sub-notebook.


OCZ’s Neutrino netbook barebone features 10” screen and, according to the company, allows end-user to install memory, hard disk drive or solid state drive based on demand and preferences. It is unknown whether OCZ will provide an option to choose between factory-installed single-core and dual-core Intel Atom processor, but that would be a tremendously useful feature for enthusiasts. It is also not clear whether OCZ Neutrino is based on the rather outdate Intel 945 GSE core-logic platform with DirectX 9-class graphics or utilizes the newest Intel GN40 chipset with DirectX 10-supporting graphics core.

The new DIY initiative from OCZ proves that netbook category has become rather popular on the market and even suppliers of advanced components sold at premium price believe that their customers may be interested in customizable netbooks.

“Proving that good things come in small packages, the Neutrino packs a huge punch for on-the-go traveling, educational, home use, or any user looking for a physically light computer but heavy on the useful applications and functionality,” OCZ said in a statement.

OCZ Neutrino barebone is expected to emerge in the U.S. sometime in Q2 2009.