Intel's Microprocessors to Power Nokia Mobile Phones

Intel Lands Microprocessor Orders from Nokia

by Anton Shilov
06/23/2009 | 05:11 AM

Intel Corp., the world’s largest producer of central processing units, is set to announce a business deal with Nokia, the world’s No. 1 maker of mobile phones, under which it would supply microprocessors to the giant, according to various media reports.


The exact details of the design win are to be announced this morning, when Intel hosts a breaking news conference call with Anand Chandrasekher, Intel senior vice president and general manager of ultra mobility group. Since at present all the details are confidential, it can be only guessed what exactly Intel will supply to Nokia.

It is highly likely that Intel will ship its code-named Moorestown and Medfield system-on-chip devices to the top phone maker. Made using 45nm fabrication process, Moorestown may power mobile Internet devices and communicators, whereas Medfield, which are to be made utilizing 32nm process technology, may find home inside Nokia’s smartphones due in 2011.

At present Nokia’s smartphones are based on various ARM processors from companies like Texas Instruments and Qualcomm, therefore, transition to Intel’s x86 chips will be a very significant move for the company and the whole industry.

According to Gartner market research firm, Nokia sold 60.9 million smartphones in 2009, which means that the firm commanded 43.7% of the market. In total, Nokia supplied 472 million mobile phones last year, 38.6% of the market.

Intel and Nokia have not provided any official information for the report.