Lenovo to Replace Defective ThinkPad Laptop Batteries

Lenovo Finds Faulty Batteries on ThinkPad R-, X-Series Notebooks

by Anton Shilov
08/15/2009 | 01:46 PM

Lenovo Group this week announced that it would replace faulty batteries on certain ThinkPad R-series and X-series laptops. Apparently, some batteries cannot be charged after some time of use and Lenovo will replace them to certain customers.


According to Lenovo, a number of ThinkPad users have reported the following symptoms:

Both situations occur because of defective batteries and Lenovo will replace the batteries for free, provided that certain conditions apply.

The following laptops and batteries are affected:

It is unclear whether the replacement has anything to do with the faulty batteries based on elements made by Sony, a widely discussed industry scandal.