Lenovo, Samsung Postpone Launch of Nvidia Ion Netbooks

Lenovo and Samsung Delay Release of New Netbooks Till Windows 7 Launch

by Anton Shilov
08/25/2009 | 03:24 PM

Lenovo Group and Samsung Electronics, currently the only makers of netbooks to adopt Nvidia GeForce 9400M core-logic (which is mostly known for its Ion brand), have decided to delay the release of such machines till Microsoft Corp. launches its Windows 7 operating system. The problem for potential end-users may be substantial price hikes of the machines.


According to reports by Gizmodo and LaptopMag web-sites, Lenovo and Samsung have decided to delay the release of their IdeaPad S12 and N510 netbooks based on Intel Atom processor, Nvidia Ion core-logic with built-in graphics cores and 12.1” and 11” displays to late October, when Windows 7 is available. According to the companies, they want to enable better user experience with the new operating system.

But Microsoft does not want makers of netbooks with screens larger than 10.1” in diagonal to install entry-level Windows 7 Started into such personal computers. As a result, Lenovo and Samsung will have to install more expensive Windows 7 Home, which is likely to increase the prices of such machines.

Earlier it was expected that Lenovo IdeaPad S12 and Samsung N510 would cost about $599, but with more expensive operating system that price is likely to get higher. As a result, the netbooks will compete against higher performance notebook that cost approximately the same amount of money.