Google Proposes “A Little Bit of Google for Everyone”

Google Vows Not to Steal Operators’ Talk Time

by Anton Shilov
02/16/2010 | 05:07 PM

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, chief executive officer of Google, said that his company did not have plans to reduce the amount of voice calls, but wanted to create a new definition of phone, which would combine the Internet, voice calls, navigation and other services and would enable Google’s further expansion.


“Google benefits from the adoption of broadband everywhere, in mobile networks and in fixed networks,” said Eric Schmidt, chief exec of Google, at the congress, reports IDG News Service agency.

Originally a search provider, Google has gradually transformed itself into one of the world’s top Internet-based services provider for businesses and consumers as well as one of the largest advertising companies. At present the company is expanding into operating systems for personal computers along with mobile phones and its progress is not going to stop there, it seems. Quite naturally, cell network operators have reasons to believe that as Google expands its services, people start to make fewer voice calls and communicate using the Internet, which would transform operators into large “data pipes”. Nonetheless, Google has no intention to “steal” anything from operators, the company claims.

“It's not our objective to steal your minutes,” said Google’s CEO, reports Reuters news-agency.

According to the head of the leading search engine, it is important that operators would continue to invest into infrastructure, whereas Google would provide powerful services that would motivate end-users to utilize new technologies.

“We need them to go ahead and invest these enormous amounts of money at great risk and, in return, they need us to continue to build powerful new reasons to upgrade the connections and get a new phone. […] We are not going to be investing in broad-scale infrastructure. It's a very tough business and it's not one for which we are very well optimized,” Mr. Schmidt is reported to have said.

Unsurprisingly, for Google it is important to have a piece of itself in everyone’s transaction in order to further boost its revenues and brand awareness.

"We want to have a little bit of Google in everybody's transaction with the Internet,” said the chief executive officer of Google.