Microsoft Imposes “Very Specific” Hardware Requirements for Windows Phone 7 to Boost Experience

Microsoft Reaffirms No Windows Phone 7 for Existing Handsets

by Anton Shilov
03/03/2010 | 02:13 PM

Microsoft Windows Mobile operating systems have always been compatible with various handsets or personal digital assistants, even with those that did not feature enough performance for them, which essentially ruined user experience. Nevertheless, with Windows Phone 7-series Microsoft Corp. has very strict hardware requirements that will not allow it to run onto older cell phones.


"Because we have very specific requirements for Windows Phone 7 Series the current phones we have right now will not be upgradable,” said Natasha Kwan, general manager for Microsoft’s mobile communications business in the Asia-Pacific region, reports InformationWeek web-site.

In fact, there are three types of form-factors for Windows Phone 7-series operating system-based mobile phones that will feature different hardware.

“We are talking about three form factors at this stage. There's going to be one available at launch, which is big touch screen, gigahertz processor, dedicated graphics chip. And only touch, no keyboard entry. Chassis two is going to be slide with a keyboard, so looking more like the Palm Treo, touch screen plus a QWERTY keyboard. Chassis three, I don't think we've released any data as about yet but they're the three in total we're going to have. Candybar? I'd say so,” said a Microsoft representative from Australia, reports Ars Technica.

More precise requirements for a high-end Windows Phone 7 phone include four-point multitouch, GPS, FM radio, a high-resolution 800x480 screen, accelerometer, and a 5MP camera, specific microprocessor and graphics chip requirements.

The reasons why Microsoft decided to enforce specific hardware requirements for Windows Phone 7 handsets are easy to understand. Microsoft does not control specifications of actual cell phones, but it is always blamed for poor experience, meanwhile, handsets from companies like Apple or Nokia are praised for excellent functionality and responsibility.