Symbian: We Are Still The Largest Smartphone Platform

300 Thousand of Symbian-Based Phones Purchased Daily

by Anton Shilov
08/05/2010 | 08:46 PM

Companies like Apple and Google often share the amount of phones sold that use their platforms as a part of competition on the smartphone market. Unfortunately, both Nokia and Symbian foundation have so far been reluctant to share their success stories, allowing Apple and Google to grab minds of end-users. But on Thursday Symbian said that in Q2 2010 around 300 thousand Symbian-based phones were purchased daily.


The Symbian Foundation revealed it has shipped over 27 million devices in the Q2 period. This equates to almost 300 thousand per day, 207 per minute or over three a second. These figures, released in Canalys’ latest report, highlight Symbian’s continued position as the world’s most popular smartphone operating system, which has now become the first to be shipped in over 25 million devices in the space of one quarter.

"These figures make for very positive news for the Symbian community. The smartphone market place has become more crowded than ever. So the fact we continue to outsell our competitors by such large margins, combined with all the feature commitments and developements published on our roadmaps, make us highly confident in our outlook and we will continue to embrace the challenges ahead," said Lee M. Williams, executive director of Symbian.

While the figures are absolutely correct for Symbian, it should be noted that Nokia alone shipped 23.8 million of Symbian-based devices, which means that other vendors are reluctant to adopt the operating system. Moreover, other platforms, including Apple iPhone, Google Android or RIM Blackberry, are growing faster than Symbian in terms of shipments, which is something that should not be ignored.