Apple iPad to Leave Behind Competing Slates Next Year - Compal

Head of Compal Expresses Optimism About Apple iPad Performance in 2011

by Anton Shilov
09/02/2010 | 11:52 PM

The president of Compal Electronics, a contract manufacturer of notebooks and other portable electronics devices, said that even though there are loads of tablets due in late 2010 and early 2011, Apple iPad would still outsell them next year.


Ray Chen, the president of Compal, believes that various manufacturers will ship around 10 - 12 million slates in 2011 and even in the best case scenario shipments of non-Apple tablets are not projected to exceed 15 million devices. At the same time, the head of the company believes that Apple will ship more iPads than all the rest manufacturers, reports DigiTimes web-site.

Anonymous sources from component manufacturers reportedly unveiled that Compal is presently supplying white-box tablet PCs in small volumes and is cooperating with Acer, Dell and Lenovo for their tablet PC models. Compal is also aggressively trying to land iPad orders from Apple.

Mr. Chen reportedly indicated that it and its handset-manufacturing subsidiary Compal Communication have established a new cooperation model and are jointly developing products for clients.

The statements by Ray Chen contradict statements of JT Wang, the chairman of Acer Group, who said earlier this year that Google Android platform-based slates would quickly leave Apple iPad behind with 20% - 30% of the global tablet market.

Earlier this year the head of ARM Holdings, the company that develops processor architectures for mobile phones, slates and other low-power devices predicted that ARM would be found in 50% of such products, whereas the rest would be x86-powered. The statement means that ARM-based Apple iPad's eventual tablet market share can be much lower than 20% or even 10%.