Sharp Plans to Halt Production of PCs, Concentrate on Tablets

Sharp to Can PCs in Favour of Slates

by Anton Shilov
10/24/2010 | 11:07 PM

Sharp Corp. plans to pull out of the personal computers business and concentrate on tablets instead, the company has reportedly indicated. Considering the fact that Sharp's PC business was focused mostly on low-power miniature notebooks, it is hardly a surprise that the company wants to concentrate on slates.


According to Nikkei, Sharp will focus on marketing its Galapagos tablet devices coming out in December, along with providing content such as e-books, music and video for these products. The move will generally improve profitability of the company since it will be able not only sell hardware, but also proprietary software and content.

In fact, Sharp has been outsourcing manufacturing of its PCs for a little less than a year now, which means that the firm has been considering potential withdrawal for some time now.

Personal computers became commodity long time ago and few companies can actually make money selling PCs. On the other hand, slates are a relatively new product category that can be sold at a profit. Sharp, however, is the first company to switch from notebooks to tablets.