1.5 Million Windows Phone 7 Mobile Phones Shipped - Microsoft

Shipments of Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Meet Expectations of Microsoft

by Anton Shilov
12/21/2010 | 11:13 PM

Even though there is not a lot of hype regarding Windows Phone 7 smartphone platform on the Internet around two months after the initial introduction, Microsoft seems to be quite confident in the new operating system and its adoption in the future. So far Microsoft's partners supplied 1.5 million of Windows Phone 7-based devices to their partners.


"We are pleased that phone manufacturers sold over 1.5 million phones in the first six weeks, which helps build customer momentum and retail presence," said Achim Berg, Microsoft’s vice president of business and marketing for Windows Phones.

Windows Phone 7 launched in Europe and the Asia Pacific region on October 21 and in the United States and Canada on November 8. Approximately 1.5 million shipped in 61 days means that in the best-case sales scenario retailers sold around 25 thousand of Windows Phone 7 mobile phones per day. By contrast, according to Google, about 300 thousand of Android-based smartphones are activated daily.

The third quarter of 2010 produced record sales of more than 81 million smartphones, up 96% year-over-year, according to Gartner. The research company estimates that around 2.247 million of Windows Mobile-based phones were sold in Q3 2010, down from 3.26 million in the same period last year. Market share of Windows Mobile operating system was 2.8% in the third quarter of this year. Considering the fact that the launch of Windows Phone 7 probably stopped sales of all the previous Windows Mobile-based smartphones in Q4, the 1.5 million sold-in number may indicate that even if Microsoft operating system for phones gets a boost in the fourth quarter, that boost will hardly be significant.

Android accounted for 25.5% of worldwide smartphone sales, making it the No. 2 operating system and particularly dominant in North America. Back in Q3 about 20.5 million of smartphones with Android were purchased worldwide (or around 227 thousands daily). Only Nokia's Symbian was more popular than Android in the third quarter, according to Gartner. There were around 29.48 million of smartphones powered by Symbian sold in Q3 2010, or about 327.5 thousand daily.

But Microsoft seems to be confident in its new mobile platform despite of pretty weak sold-in numbers. Moreover, the firm claims that such sales have met its expectations.

"Sales are ramping well as our reputation is growing for offering users a unique experience and are in line with our expectations – especially when compared to other new platform introductions. With a new platform you have to look at a couple of things, first of all customer satisfaction. As I mentioned before, we’ve seen great response on the complete mobile phone experience. Another is phone manufacturer sales – phones being bought and stocked by mobile operators and retailers on their way to customers," stated Mr. Berg.

At present Windows Phone 7-based smartphones are available from top mobile operators in the world with more operators to be added in 2011.  Right now 18 thousand software developers are designing software for Windows Phone 7 and around 4 thousand applications are already available from Microsoft's store.