At least 70 Tablets to Be Shown at Consumer Electronics Show - Analysts

Analyst Claims Intel Needs Next-Gen Medfield Chip to Address Slate PC Market Seriously

by Anton Shilov
12/29/2010 | 07:53 AM

Personal computers in slate form-factor will clearly become a new product category and will have a huge share of the PC market in 2011, according to various analysts. While the exact share cannot be estimated precisely, the amount of different tablet models to be shown at the Consumer Electronics Show does impress.


At least 69 tablets from various manufacturers will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show next week, Craig Ellis, an analyst with Caris & Company investment firm said in a note to clients, reports Tech Trader Daily. So far the analyst predicts that there will be 18 Intel Atom-based slates, 14 Nvidia Tegra-based tablets, 10 Freescale Semiconductor-powered devices as well as 6 slates with a system-on-chip (SoCs) from Texas Instruments shown at the CES. Other tablets are projected to feature SoCs from Marvell, Qualcomm and others.

Even though there will likely be even more tablet models revealed at the trade-show, it is noteworthy that Intel already has eighteen ready design wins with Moorestown and Oak Trail system-on-chip devices. Still, to compete against ARM-based SoCs truly head-to-head, Intel needs next-generation code-named Medfield system-on-chip that is made using 32nm fabrication process.

"Intel still needs to come out with its 32nm Medfield chip to be viewed as a 'winner' rather than just a contender," wrote Mr. Ellis.

Caris & Company predicts that 54 million PCs in slate form-factor will be sold next year. The company believes that whopping 36 million Apple iPad tablets and 8 million Samsung Galaxy Tab slates will be shipped in 2011.

“The overall total addressable market may be smaller than investors expect for Marvell, Nvidia, Qualcomm, TI, and others," added the analyst.