Dell Reportedly Kills Adamo Notebook Line

Dell Adamo Fails to Make Customers Fall in Love

by Anton Shilov
02/08/2011 | 08:51 PM

One of the world's largest computer makers, Dell, has reportedly decided to can its Adamo luxurious laptop line. The move can be explained by relatively low sales of Adamo systems and the fact that Dell has failed to upgrade them properly throughout the history of the brand. The company hopes to bring elements of Adamo into other product lines eventually.


Dell has already discontinued ultra high-end Adamo XPS laptop, which featured similar hardware, but was only 1cm thick. Recently the company radically slashed prices onto Adamo laptops in the U.S. to only $799, but sales did not increase significantly and Dell simply cleared out the stock before discontinuing the whole lineup, reports CNet News web-site. At present Dell no longer accepts orders onto Adamo and the laptop can be acquired from Best Buy, but shortly it will likely disappear from there as well.

The Adamo with reduced weight and 13.4" screen (with 1366*768 resolution) was first introduced in early 2009 and competed against such notebooks as Apple Macbook Air as well as Lenovo ThinkPad X301. However, it was heavier than both of its rivals, lacked optical disk drive and its screen sported lower resolution compared to the ThinkPad X301 (which had 1440*900). It did have a number of advantages compared to Macbook: it supported 3G and featured special ultra low-voltage processor, which consumed lower amount of energy.

Unfortunately, going forward Dell did not provide decent upgrade options to the Adamo and at present few customers would like to buy an Intel Core 2 Duo notebook with low screen resolution and other outdated technology.

Unfortunately, it looks like large computer makers, such as Dell and HP, chronically cannot sell expensive mobile computers to customers looking for style amid performance. HP recently basically killed the Voodoo brand, whereas Dell gets rid of Adamo in order to concentrate on typical systems. According to the news-story from CNet, the "spirit of the Adamo brand will live on in a spanking-new design due within six months".

Dell did not comment on the news-story.