Samsung Readies Tablet for $399 - Flyer

Samsung's Galaxy Tab to Cost $399 Next Month

by Anton Shilov
03/13/2011 | 09:44 AM

Samsung Electronics, one of the world's largest consumer electronics maker, plans to introduce a tablet PC with $399 price-point next month, according to an alleged flyer obtained by an anonymous person.


Samsung Galaxy Tab with Wi-Fi only type of connection will be released on the 4th of April at $399 price-point, reports Droid Life web-site. The device is projected to be based on Google Android version 2.2 and is likely to feature 7" screen, single-core ARM microprocessor and similar graphics technology that powers the original 3G and Wi-Fi-enabled Galaxy Tab.

The information was obtained by a reader of Droid Life web-site, who visited "a technology fair" and met a "Samsung rep who was quick to hand out the flyer" that showed a Galaxy Tab version with Wi-Fi support , which "should be out by April 4 and priced at $399".

If the information is correct and accurate, then it will be the first media tablet that is priced at $399 price-point. While this may seem a hardly important piece of information, it should be understood that inexpensive tablet opens the door for the market of slate-type PCs. Affordable desktops and laptops managed to fill the market fairly quickly and reasonably priced media tablets may do the same. Still, it is a question whether media tablets may be considered as personal computers and not just gadgets like MP3 players, electronic-book readers and other supplementary devices. Such products should cost much less than $399.

Samsung did not comment on the news-story.