Google Chrome Notebooks "Sold" Out, Shipments Halted

Google No Longer Accepting Orders on Chrome Cr-48 Netbooks

by Anton Shilov
03/13/2011 | 01:44 PM

Google has halted orders onto its netbooks based on its Chrome operating system. The reason behind the move is exceed demand over supply.


According to a claim provided by Google’s vice president of product management Sundar Pichai on Twitter network, all units Google planned to send out for Google's  program have been shipped, reports Tom's Hardware web-site. Google also reportedly warned potential users not to order additional netbooks featuring Google Chrome operating system (OS). It will likely take company over a week to balance its demand and supply.

"If you want to be notified when Chrome notebooks go on sale and stay up to date on the latest Chrome notebook news, please fill out this form," the reported claim reads.

Google describes its netbook as "booting in about 10 seconds and resuming from sleep instantly". The device features 12" display, built-in Wi-Fi and 3G, keyboard, touchpad, webcam, etc. It is believed that the netbook is powered by Intel Atom microprocessor, but there are claims that it sports an ARM-based system-on-chip. Given the fact that Google announced eight-hour battery life for the computer, it is likely based on an ARM chip. On the other hand, many makers of full-functionality notebooks announce multi-hour battery life that never materializes.

"The Chrome operating system is a work in progress. We’re looking for the right users to try it out and tell us how we can make it better. Each participant in the Pilot program will receive a Cr-48 Chrome notebook; in return, we'll expect you to use it regularly and send us detailed feedback," a statement by Google reads.