Asustek's Google or MeeGo Netbooks to Cost $200 - $250 - Report

Google and MeeGo to Help Asus Eee PC to Go Back to Roots

by Anton Shilov
03/17/2011 | 10:32 AM

Asustek Computer, one of the world's biggest suppliers of notebooks, reportedly plans to release an ultra low-cost netbook "in cooperation with Intel" in June, 2011. The new laptop will likely be based on Intel Corp.'s or Google's operating system.


In a bid to better compete against emerging media tablets and other low-cost systems, Asustek plans to release a netbook with $200 - $250 price-tag, according to a report by DigiTimes web-site. Specifications of the mobile computer are unclear, but it may feature 10" screen, single-core Intel Atom processor and be powered by either Intel MeeGo operating system or Google Chrome or Android platforms.

Asustek did not comment on the report, but in a recent interview chief executive officer of the company already promised to introduce a Chrome/Android- or MeeGo-based netbooks by June. He implied that with limited functionality such machines can be made very affordable.

"We are actively working with Intel and plan to introduce our first netbook with MeeGo [and Intel Atom processor] in April - June timeframe. Moreover, there will be another Intel Atom-based model with Android. Today, thanks to Windows, netbooks have become mini-laptops. Alternative OS narrow functionality and focus devices on the Internet, which is the original concept of the netbook class," said Jerry Shen, chief executive officer of Asustek.