Acer Establishes New Business Unit to Develop Tablets, Smartphones

Acer Founds Touch Business Group to Develop New Mobile Devices

by Anton Shilov
04/20/2011 | 11:35 PM

In  bid to enhance its competitive positions on the market of smartphones and tablets, Acer Group established a special business unit that will design new types of mobile devices. In addition, Acer announces new functions for mid- and long-term business planning and operation analysis.


To make significant inroads in the mobile device business, Acer has reorganized the former IT product global operations into two independent entities. The newly founded touch business group (TBG) comprises of the former tablet PC and smartphone teams, while the PC global operations (PCGO) consists of the main PC product lines.

Acer also creates three new functions deemed necessary for company’s competitive development, they are: chief marketing office (CMO) – responsible for brand position and marketing strategy; chief technology office (CTO) – responsible for mid to long term planning and integration of technologies; and operation analysis office (OAO) – for studying and analyzing company business models and financial affairs.

“Touch/mobile devices open up a host of new opportunities. They form Acer’s new business and growth engine for the future. To focus on this market, we saw the need to allocate sufficient resources, and devise a new management structure different from the PC business specifically for this line of business," said Jim Wong, the president of Acer.

The Touch BG shall be led by new Acer corporate president, Jim Wong, and president of Eten Information Systems, Simon Hwang, concurrently appointed deputy president of TBG. Senior corporate VP and EMEA president, Walter Deppeler, shall concurrently serve as CMO, while Tiffany Huang, AVP of supply chain operations will concurrently oversee the OAO. The CTO will be jointly led by former VP of quality and service, Jackson Lin, former CTO of products development, R.C. Chang, and former VP of technology center, Arif Maskatia.