Apple Hopes to Launch New iPhone in September, Sell 25 Million Units by Year End

Apple's Next-Generation iPhone Incoming - Report

by Anton Shilov
07/06/2011 | 05:49 PM

As expected, Apple did not launch its next-generation iPhone at its worldwide developers conference in June, but is gearing up to release a new version of its popular device sometimes in September. Even though the company's contract manufacturer Foxconn Electronics is not satisfied with the yields of the current iPhone 4 and iPad 2, the company wants to sell 25 million of new iPhones by the end of the year.


 "Apple's sales estimates of the new iPhone are quite aggressive. It told us to prepare to help the company meet its goal of 25 million units by the end of the year. The initial production volume will be a few million units," said a person at one of Apple's suppliers, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Nothing particular is known about the next-generation iPhone. One thing that is logical to assume is that it will be based on the dual-core Apple A5 system-on-chip that already powers the iPad 2. The new device is also projected to feature a new (presumably larger) screen, 8MP camera, more memory and some other improvements. Besides, a report from WSJ cites people with knowledge of the plans who said that that the novelty would be thinner and lighter.

Apple's first three generations of iPhone were generally similar, but the iPhone 4 was vastly different. In fact, it was so different that Foxconn electronics is still not satisfied with the yields after the device has been in production for over a year.

"The touch-screen devices are so thin. It's really difficult to install so many components into the iPhones and iPads. We hope to raise the yield rate and volume in the second half, which will help improve our gross margin," recently said Terry Guo, the chairman of Foxconn.

Selling 25 million of new iPhones in Q4 is a tough job provided that the yields are not high. However, the target may involve previous-generation devices as well, which means that Apple is perfectly set to achieve the goal. Moreover, in case Apple finally releases a special low-cost version of its iPhone, it will also likely to meet its target number.

Apple, Foxconn did not comment on the news-story.