Tablets Powered by Google Android Grab 30% of the Market in Q2 2011 - Analysts

Apple Continues to Dominate Market of Slates, But Android Gains Popularity

by Anton Shilov
07/21/2011 | 11:48 PM

Apple's iPad was an indisputable blockbuster of the IT market in 2010 and continues to be in 2011. Nonetheless, Google Android is slowly, but surely, captures the market share from Apple. At present Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones with touch-screens and the popularity of the platform is increasing on the market of slates.


According to Strategy Analytics, around 4.6 tablets based on Google Android were shipped in Q2 2011, up from 100 thousand back in Q2 2010. During the same period of time Apple sold 9.3 million iPad-series slates, almost three times higher than 3.3 million in Q2 2010. It should be noted that there are loads of Android-based tablets, there are rather expensive Motorola Xoom and Galaxy Tab as well as loads of inexpensive devices from companies like Archos. Meanwhile, Apple only offers one model: the iPad.

"No Android vendor yet offers a blockbuster model to rival the iPad, and demand for many Android vendors' products remains patchy," said Neil Mawston, the director of Strategy Analytics, reports TG Daily web-site.

Amazon managed to quickly become the No. 1 player on the market of electronic book readers. Now that the company is reportedly preparing its own tablet, it looks like it has a lot of experience to become one of the top makers of slates.

"If Amazon decides to enter the Android tablet category later this year, that will bring fresh excitement and buzz to the Android community, but Amazon will need to deliver a truly standout offering if it really wants to make headway against the popular iPad," said Mr. Mawston.

It is noteworthy that along with iPad, Galaxy Tab and Xoom, tablets in general are getting more popular. For example, sales of slates based on Microsoft Windows and QNX platforms are also growing.