Apple's Accusations Bar Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales in Europe - Reports

Court Bans Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab Across the EU Following Apple Complaints

by Anton Shilov
08/10/2011 | 07:04 PM

A court in Germany, this week temporarily barred sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" slates in the country following Apple's complaints about infringement of its patents by the South Korean company. The ban in one of the European countries mean that sales should be stopped in others except the Netherlands too.


Apple accuses Samsung Electronics of copying the look and packaging of its popular iPad media tablet. The company claims that Samsung infringes its patents and demands courts in various parts of the world to ban sales of Galaxy Tablet 10.1" slates - the devices which directly compete against the iPad-series products - in respective countries. So far it managed to temporarily bar sales of Galaxy Tablet 10.1V in Australia, but its short-term win in Europe is a more significant hit for Samsung. Samsung denies all accusations and vows to defend itself in court.

"Apple did well to choose the Düsseldorf, Germany-based court because it is known to be well disposed toward rights holders," said Jorma Hein, a lawyer specializing in intellectual property rights, reports Reuters news-agency.

Separate hearings are scheduled in The Hague in the Netherlands for Wednesday and Thursday. Experts said it was likely that Apple was seeking an import stop in the Netherlands because it is home to Rotterdam, Europe's biggest port.

Many market observers believe that Apple and Samsung will eventually settle their legal disputes out of court and sign certain deals or agreements. Samsung remains a key supplier of chips and other components for Apple's products, including the iPhone and iPad, which are the most popular devices from the company, therefore it barely makes sense for the companies to fight against each other. Nonetheless, with the bans of Galaxy Tab 10.1", Apple gets rid of a strong rival and essentially monopolizes a part of the media tablets market.