Google Vows to Release Its Own Tablet in 2012

Google: Own Brand Tablet Due in Six Months

by Anton Shilov
12/19/2011 | 07:34 PM

After launching a number of smartphones based on its own Android operating system, Google wants to try its luck with tablets. In a bid to better compete against its arch-rival Apple, Google intends to release its Nexus Tab slate in the next six month.


"We plan to market a tablet of the highest quality in the next six months," said Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google, in an interview with  Corriere della Sera news-paper, reports web-site.

Google reportedly plans to introduce its Nexus Tab tablet before summer 2012, which means that the device will be released later than the next-generation Apple iPad and will be barely able to offer something that is better than the iPad 3 across-the-board. Therefore, Google will likely to remain a competitor for Apple iPad, not the market leader.

After acquisition of Motorola Mobility earlier this year, Google officially stated that it will not only need patents of Motorola Mobility to fight with Apple in court, but also Motorola's products to offer a clear alternative to Apple's products. Therefore, Google badly needs not only competitive devices, but also needs to release them ahead of Apple in order to become a stronger competitor.

None of the peculiarities about the Google Nexus Tab are clear at this time. The only thing that is logical to expect would be Google's latest version of Android OS to be installed on the device.