Intel: 75 Ultrabook Designs on Track for 2012

Intel Expects 75 Ultrabook Designs to Become Available

by Anton Shilov
03/26/2012 | 10:02 PM

Intel Corp. said it expects 75 different ultrabook designs from various manufacturers to become available throughout 2012. At present there are 26 ultrabook models available and with that number growing to 75, it is likely that the choice of ultrabooks will be pretty wide and consequent competition between manufacturers will clearly impact pricing.


"Industry momentum continues to scale in the Ultrabook category with 26 different models now available for purchase in various markets around the world. While the category is a mere 9 months old, manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide are adding more and more devices to their line-ups, such as the Dell XPS, HP Spectre and Toshiba Portege.  In addition to the twenty-six on sale already, 10 more systems have been announced by the likes of Fujitsu, Gigabyte, Lenovo and Acer among many others, with more than 75 designs in the pipeline for 2012," Becky Emmett, a spokeswoman for Intel, wrote in a blog post on Monday.

Intel believes that the ultrabook computers will marry the performance and capabilities of contemporary laptops with tablet-like features, such as instant-on, increased responsiveness, high power efficiency as well as enhanced security, in a thin, light and elegant design. Intel considers ultrabooks as a vision, not just as another product category and therefore it expects ultrabooks to evolve as quickly as its microprocessors. The ultimate goal is projected to be achieved sometimes in 2013 or even 2014.

Intel wants ultrabooks to cost from $700 to $1000, which should be in line, or little less, than Apple MacBook Air. Some PC makers will price their products in accordance with demands from Intel, but many PC makers will use premium materials - such as stainless steel, Corning Gorilla glass, carbon fiber and other - therefore, price of their ultrabooks will be higher than $1000.

Starting from late April, 2012, many manufacturers will introduce their new breed of ultrabooks powered by Intel Core i-series "Ivy Bridge" central processing units, new solid-state drives and other innovations. With improved performance and capabilities as well as in many cases thinner form-factors, the new-gen ultrabooks are likely become more popular among end-users.