First Images of Alleged Apple's Next-Generation iPhone Hit the Internet

Pictures of Apple Sixth-Generation iPhone Point to Bigger Display, Unibody Case, Lack of 30-pin Connector

by Anton Shilov
05/29/2012 | 08:41 PM

The very first images of what are believed to be external components of Apple's sixth-generation iPhone have emerged on the web. In case the published photos actually depict exterior of the next-generation iPhone, then the device will look and feel pretty much identically to the current iPhone 4/4S models. Still, there will be a number of important additions.


Based on the pictures of the backside and the front-side of the alleged smartphone from Apple published by 9to6Mac web-site, the sixth-generation iPhone will use unibody-like case with the metal antenna band "molded into the metal backplates". Such structure allows Apple to make the device thinner, lighter, stronger and more capacities for internal components, which number will increase provided that the company installs 4G/LTE support into its next-generation smartphone.

The next iPhone, if it is built they way the pictures claim it to be, might be "taller" than the current models, but will have the same width as the iPhone 4/4S. Apple will also get rid of the 30-pin connector used for charging and connecting the phone to personal computers and will introduce a new interface for connecting the gadget to PCs and power outlets. Finally, the company intends to place earphone jack on the bottom cornet of the device, which may not be a good idea at all, given the fact that iPhones are used like media players.

The web-site also reports that since the screen will get taller while retaining its width, its resolution will change to 1136*640, whereas the resulting size will be around 4". Keeping in mind that it is not easy to support additional resolutions on mobile devices - given the fact that programs have to look exactly the same as on all phones - the 1136*640 is theoretically possible, but 1920*1280 seems to make a lot more sense from competition point of view.

Since Apple knows how to keep its secrets, chances that the final design of the new iPhone has leaked are pretty thin. Firstly, Apple usually experiments with different versions of one product before initiating mass production. Secondly, Apple usually provides its partners non-final designs of their products in order to avoid leaks. Thirdly, many elements of what is claimed to be iPhone 5 just seem to strange and not-belonging to Apple style.

Apple did not comment on the news-story.