Gigabyte Debuts World's Lightest 11.6" Carbon Fiber Notebook

Gigabyte's Full Carbon Fiber Notebook Weighs 975 Grams

by Anton Shilov
05/31/2012 | 10:27 PM

Gigabyte Technology, a leading maker of PC components, has introduced the world's lightest 11.6" notebook that is made of carbon fiber and weighs only 975 grams in default configuration. Carbon fiber is light yet tough, hence Gigabyte X11 promises to be exceptionally durable provided that it has proper inner design.


Gigabyte X11 is based on Intel Core i-series 3000 "Ivy Bridge" ultra low voltage microprocessor with advanced HD 4000 graphics adapter, sports 4GB DDR3 memory onboard (cannot be upgraded), 128GB solid-state drive with Intel Rapid Start technology, USB 3.0, 1Gb Ethernet, 1.3MP webcam, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, microSD slot and so on. The laptop features 11.6" LCD LED backlit display with 1366*768 resolution. The manufacturer also claims that it uses a special resonator and large diaphragm monomer to provide "a rich and large sound" with two 1W speaker drivers. The X11 uses Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

Although Gigabyte X11 is 100 grams lighter than Apple MacBook Air 11", it has approximately similar dimensions: the thinnest part of the laptop is 0.3cm, the thickest part is 1.65cm (1.7cm for MBA 11"). Just like the MacBook Air 11", the X11 features 35Wh (4730mAh) li-polymer battery.

The manufacturer claims that the specific strength of carbon fiber notebook is 6 times stronger than that of an aluminum notebook, meanwhile it comes with higher elasticity coefficients.

X11 is made by "unique diamond weaving technique" with careful application of transparent or black paint coating, forming the Woven Diamond and Black Diamond classics X11. The Woven Diamond exposes the beauty of the original glaze carbon black and diamond weaving patterns. The Black Diamond applies the lacquer on the cover to show the meticulous texture.

Gigabyte X11 will have street price between $999 and 1299 and will hit the market in July, 2012.