Intel: 20 Windows 8 Tablets to Use Atom "Clovertrail" System-on-Chip

Intel Sees Massive Amount of Tablet Design Wins with "Clover Trail" SoC

by Anton Shilov
06/05/2012 | 10:37 PM

Intel Corp. this week said that it has twenty Microsoft Windows 8-powered tablet design wins with its Atom "Clovertail" system-on-chip (SoC). The devices will come from different manufacturers and will be made in different form-factors. Intel hopes that the tablet market will flourish with Windows 8 since tablet users will be able to use traditional applications designed for Windows and/or x86 microprocessors.


Tom Kilroy, senior vice president of Intel Corp. said during his keynote at Computex Taipei 2012 trade-show that tablets will extend the smartphone experience while offering compatibility with the extensive library of existing applications and devices. The company has 20 design wins based on the forthcoming Intel Atom code-named "Clover Trail" made using 32nm process technology, and designed for Microsoft Windows 8.

Those Atom "Clovertail" based devices will come in slate, convertible or other innovative form-factors and will be capable of delivering an always-on, always-connected experience that includes very thin solutions and all-day battery life. Clover Trail-based devices are projected to offer great performance for watching movies, sharing or viewing photos, casual online gaming, studying, Internet surfing, reading social media and performing basic work tasks.

Intel also claims that Clover Trail-based systems with Windows 8 Pro balance consumer needs with the security and manageability requirements of IT decision makers for easier integration into the enterprise, thus enabling usages that range from specific business tasks to simply enabling flexible work styles.

Intel is displaying Intel Atom processor mobile devices based on the upcoming Clover Trail platform in its boot at Computex Taipei 2012. The demonstration features tablets running Windows 8 release preview and shows off new usages within the Metro touch-based interface including games, news and stock apps. People will also experience Clover Trail tablets and tablet convertibles running applications within the Windows desktop environment such as Microsoft Office and Intuit Quicken. These tablets will show applications that span the Metro and desktop interfaces, such as the upcoming McAfee application for Windows 8 which takes advantage of the immersive Metro experience.