BREAKING NEWS: Jury Finds Samsung Guilty of Infringing Apple's Patents

Samsung Violated Apple's Patents - Court

by Anton Shilov
08/24/2012 | 04:10 PM

The federal jury court on Friday ruled for Apple in the well-known smartphone patent infringement case. The Californian jury found Samsung Electronics guilty of infringements of patents that belong to Apple. The court will now have to make certain orders to Samsung, who will most likely appeal the decision.


According to Associated Press news-agency, the jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages. Apple originally demanded $2.5 billion from its No. 1 competitor. The jury did not recommend awarding Samsung any money in its counterclaims that Apple had violated some of its patents, CNN reports.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the jury sorted through 28 different Samsung devices that Apple finds accusing of its patents. Samsung reportedly infringed as many as seven patents and two other related claims, which cover technologies ranging range from the look of on-screen icons to the detection of finger gestures on the touch-screen.

"This is a huge win for Apple. $1,051,855,000 is just large enough to make it the largest surviving patent verdict in history," said Mark Lemley, a Stanford law professor, in an interview with CNN.

Apple accused Samsung of copying the iPhone smartphone design and technologies used to make it possible with its Galaxy-series and other devices back in 2011. Samsung, in its turn, accused Apple of other infringements of its patents. The legal clashes between the two consumer electronics giants have been ongoing since then.

No official details have been released by press-time.