Launch of Apple's Next iPhone May Be Postponed Due to Production Issues

Production of Next Apple iPhone Screens Delayed at Sharp - Report

by Anton Shilov
08/31/2012 | 10:36 PM

Despite of claims made earlier by Sharp itself, it looks like there are issues with mass production of new screens for the next Apple iPhone. Apparently, Sharp has not started to mass produce the new screens, which means that the timely global launch of the sixth-generation Apple iPhone is now endangered. Fortunately for Apple, Sharp is not the exclusive supplier of displays.


The Wall Street Journal reports that Sharp, a key supplier of LCD displays to Apple, had planned to start supplying next iPhone screens by the end of August, but mass manufacturing has been delayed in part by production issues. It remains uncertain when the company can start shipping the LCD panels. It is necessary to note that Sharp specifically noted in an interview with a leading news-agency that it had started to ship screens for the Apple iPhone 5.

Luckily for Apple, Sharp is not the only provider of displays for the new iPhone. In particular, Japan Display and LG Display are supposed to provide screens for the next smartphone from Apple. The problem is that many believe that Sharp is the largest supplier of small screens for iPhones, which means that issues with their production may affect timely launch of the new smartphone in certain countries.

This is reportedly not the first time when Sharp fails to meet its expectations. Earlier this year the company delayed shipments of high-quality retina-class screens for the third-gen Apple iPad.

Apple and Sharp did not comment on the news-story.