Fujitsu Introduces World’s First AMD “Hondo” Z-60 Powered Business Tablet

AMD Proclaims First Business Tablet Design Win with AMD “Hondo” Z-60 APU

by Anton Shilov
10/22/2012 | 09:10 PM

Fujitsu has introduced the first business tablet to utilize AMD “Hondo” Z-60 accelerated processing unit. The Stylistic Q572/F slate will utilize Windows 8 operating system, feature advanced security and will be available sometimes in late November, 2011. Unfortunately, the tablet will be bulky and expensive.


Fujitsu Stylistic Q572/F tablet features 10.1” screen with 1366*768 resolution, multi-touch support for up to ten fingers as well as digital pen input for signature capture and note taking. The tablet is equipped with HD front camera, full HD rear camera (5.0MP), suite of security features that includes integrated Smart Card slot, fingerprint sensor, embedded TPM, two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI port, SD/SDHC/SDXC slot as well as user removable battery. The tablet itself is rather bulky (13.6mm thick) and heavy (748 grams), but given its positioning it may not be very important.

“As a leading provider of Windows-based tablets, Fujitsu knows exactly what features and capabilities our customers demand in their systems. The AMD Z-60 APU delivers on those expectations and helps Fujitsu deliver a differentiated product into the upcoming Windows 8 tablet marketplace,” said Paul Moore, vice president of PC product marketing and product development at Fujitsu America.

AMD Z-60 "Hondo" APU features two x86 Bobcat cores clocked at 1.0GHz with 1MB of L2 cache (512KB per core), AMD Radeon HD 6250 graphics adapter with 80 stream processors and video decoding engine as well as single-channel DDR3 memory controller. The most noticeable difference between Hondo and Ontario is power consumption: the Z-60 has maximum thermal design power of just 4.5W. To tailor capabilities of Hondo towards traditional media tablets, AMD developed Start Now technology, which resumes from sleep mode in two seconds, boots to Windows 8 in 25 seconds and syncs to a preferred local network in 1.5 seconds. In addition, Z-60 comes with a special Fusion controller hub (FCH), which has a number of capabilities switched off to reduce power consumption.

“AMD is pleased to announce Fujitsu as the first customer of the AMD Z-60 APU in conjunction with their new tablet and the launch of Windows 8. We believe Fujitsu’s customers will be thrilled with the combination of features, performance and battery life we worked together to provide in this very appealing system,” said Steve Belt, vice president of ultra-low power products at AMD.

Fujitsu Stylistic Q572/F tablet will become available in later November in Japan for recommended price of ¥90800 ($1136 or €871) excluding tax.