Qualcomm Begins to Sample Global 4G/LTE Advanced Modem with 150Mb/s Maximum Speed

Qualcomm to Release World’s First Global 4G/LTE Advanced Category 4 Modem with Carrier Aggregation

by Anton Shilov
11/07/2012 | 11:25 PM

Qualcomm, the world’s largest supplier of application processors and wireless modems for mobile electronics, said that it had begun sampling one of the industry’s first global 4G/LTE category 4 modem that will bring improved networking speed to next-generation 4G/LTE smartphones and tablets.


“We recently sampled our third-generation multimode 3G/LTE chipset, the MDM9*25, which is also a global modem that adds support for LTE category 4 and carrier aggregation,” said Steven Mollenkopf, the president and chief executive officer of Qualcomm, during a conference call with financial analysts.

The new Qualcomm Gobi MDM9625/9225 global modem will be a unique offering that will support download transfer speeds up to 150.8Mb/s as well as upload transfer speeds up to 51Mb/s globally across different frequency bands. In addition to supporting both LTE Advanced (LTE Release 10) and HSPA+ Release 10 (including 84 Mbps dual carrier HSDPA), they are backward compatible with other standards including EV-DO Advanced, TD-SCDMA and GSM. The chipsets contain the industry's only modems to integrate 7 different radio access modes on a single baseband chip: cdma2000 (1X, DO), GSM/EDGE, UMTS (WCDMA, TD-SCDMA) and LTE (both LTE-FDD and LTE-TDD). This will allow OEMS to design mobile devices that can operate on the increasingly diverse set of radio network deployments and configurations used worldwide.The modems are made using 28nm process technology.


At present, Qualcomm supplies Gobi MDM9200 single mode and MDM9600 multi-mode 4G/LTE modems that category 3 wireless modems that support download transfer speeds up to 102Mb/s as well as upload transfer speeds up to 51Mb/s.

The new Qualcomm Gobi MDM9*25 chips will be used for high-end smartphones and tablets that will emerge next year.