Microsoft Set to Sell Over 1.3 Million Surface Tablets This Quarter

Microsoft Surface on Windows RT May End Up as Success for Microsoft

by Anton Shilov
12/04/2012 | 11:40 PM

Microsoft Corp. may sell 1.3 million media tablets running its Windows RT operating system this quarter, according to market research company HIS iSuppli. The analysts will be surprised if sales get even higher than that, nonetheless, 1.3 million units is still a large volume for a tablet that costs rather lot and which is completely new.


"We see estimated sales of 1.3 million in the quarter, I would be surprised to see it much above that,” said Rhoda Alexander, an analyst at IHS iSuppli, in a telephone conversation with Cnet web-site.

When compared to quarterly sales of Apple iPad, 1.3 million is not a lot. However, as we remember, sales of rather popular Google Nexus 7” media tablet only recently hit one million units a month.

According to unofficial information, Microsoft will only get just over a million of Surface slates this quarter, not two million as it initially demanded. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are actually supply constraints of the tablets: they are available only in 31 out of 32 Microsoft retail stores in the U.S. Still, the devices can be bought online.

Unit sales of Microsoft RT are important, but what shipments of third-party tablets featuring Windows RT are even more significant as currently Microsoft is virtually absent from slates, whereas Apple is dominating tablets with its iPad.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.