Acer Set to Offer Retina-Class Displays with Select Laptops

Acer Readies Notebooks with 2880*1620 Screen Resolution

by Anton Shilov
01/10/2013 | 03:56 AM

Acer Group is not exactly known for premium-class products as for many years the company has been focusing on mainstream products. However, it looks like this year the company will start to offer high-end features to customers, who demand the best possible technology. One of the first of such offerings will be displays with ultra-high resolutions and exceptional quality and clarity.


At the Consumer Electronics Show this week Acer demonstrated prototype laptops with retina-class IPS screens with 2880*1620 resolution, reports PC World web-site. Presently, Acer does not reveal which notebook models are set to offer displays with ultra-high resolutions, but the company indicated that the higher-resolution screens would be available on several different systems as a high-end option.

Acer is also looking forward to bring 23” and 27” displays with ultra-high resolutions and very high pixel density to the market this year, the web-site reports.

Apple was the first-to-market with retina-class notebooks last year, when it launched MacBook Pro 15” with 2880*1800 resolution and later followed up with MacBook Pro 13.3” with 2560*1600 resolution.