Microsoft: Windows Phone Is Finally Gaining Traction

Microsoft Sees Windows 8 Helping Windows Phone to Gain Market Share

by Anton Shilov
02/13/2013 | 11:59 PM

Many believe that after years of trying to establish itself as a leading developer of mobile operating systems Microsoft Corp. is on the right path with its Windows Phone. While Microsoft is in general optimistic about its mobile operating system, the company admits that the most important thing for long-term success is competitive ability of all Microsoft’s platforms.


At the Goldman Sachs technology conference this week, Peter Klein, chief financial officer of Microsoft revealed the company’s thoughts about the ongoing developments, including the mobile platform. In general, the world’s largest software developer is pleased with progress of Windows Phone 8 and starts to see some traction there, reports Forbes web-site. At the same time, the high-ranking exec acknowledges that the success of the WP does not start with WP and does not end there.

Mr. Klein says that Microsoft is concentrated on taking success from personal computers to tablets and smartphones phones, while also focusing on improving the Xbox platform. Furthermore, the company knows for sure that the ecosystem does not end on tablets or smartphones and that it should be ready to get even broader over time to remain relevant.

According to the CFO of the world’s most powerful software maker, the Windows Phone 8 has had gotten a boost from Windows 8 in the enterprise, but did not elaborate. Over time it is logical to expect at least some enterprises to deploy both Windows and Windows Phone, but at present it is a rather surprising confession, especially keeping in mind that Windows Phone commanded around 2.6% of the smartphone market in Q4 2012.