Intel Introduces One of the World’s Smallest 4G/LTE Multimode-MultiBand Solution

Intel Launches XMM 7160 4G/LTE Multimode-MultiBand Modem

by Anton Shilov
02/25/2013 | 09:28 PM

Intel Corp. on Monday revealed one of the world’s smallest and lowest-power multimode-multiband 4G/LTE solutions for global roaming in one SKU with envelope tracking and antenna tuning. Intel’s strategy is to deliver a leading low-power, global modem solution that works across multiple bands, modes, regions and devices.


The Intel XMM 7160 is one of the world’s smallest and lowest-power multimode-multiband 4G/LTE solutions (LTE / DC-HSPA+ / EDGE), supporting multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks.  The 7160 global modem supports 15 4G/LTE bands simultaneously, more than any other in-market solution. It also includes a highly configurable RF architecture running real time algorithms for envelope tracking and antenna tuning that enables cost-efficient multiband configurations, extended battery life, and global roaming in a single SKU.

“The 7160 is a well-timed and highly competitive 4G LTE solution that we expect will meet the growing needs of the emerging global 4G market. Independent analysts have shown our solution to be world class and I’m confident that our offerings will lead Intel into new multi-comm solutions. With LTE connections projected to double over the next 12 months to more than 120 million connections, we believe our solution will give developers and service providers a single competitive offering while delivering to consumers the best global 4G experience. Building on this, Intel will also accelerate the delivery of new advanced features to be timed with future advanced 4G network deployments,” said Hermann Eul, Intel vice president and co-general manager of the mobile and communications group.

Intel is currently shipping its single mode 4G/LTE data solution and will begin multimode shipments later in the first half of this year. The company is also optimizing its LTE solutions concurrently with its SoC roadmap to ensure the delivery of leading-edge low-power combined solutions to the marketplace.