Microsoft Windows “Blue” Update to Boost Ultrabooks Featuring Intel “Haswell” Chips

Major Windows 8 Update to Bring Longer Battery Life to Next-Generation Notebooks

by Anton Shilov
03/22/2013 | 07:48 PM

Even though it is widely known that Microsoft Corp. is preparing a major update for Windows 8 operating system that is code-named Windows Blue, it is barely known what advantages and improvements it will bring. An unofficial report claims that among other boosts, Windows Blue will bring longer battery life to laptops running Intel Corp.’s code-named Haswell microprocessors.


Intel has been talking about power efficiency of its forthcoming Core i-series 4000-family microprocessors for quite a long time. For example, Intel once promised 10-days of connected standby battery life for Haswell-based notebooks as well as many other enhancements. However, a lot of improvements come not only from hardware, but from software as well. According to a report from Cnet that cites a source close to Microsoft, the software giant is developing a "power model" that can adapt to a range of mobile computers with different “performance output”. The new power model will be a part of the “Blue” update for Windows 8 due later this year.

“You'll be able to buy an ultrabook that's as wickedly fast as you can imagine, faster than an [Intel Core i 3000-series”] ‘Ivy Bridge’ PC. But with longer battery life. It will sleep longer [and] when you open the lid, your mail's going to already be in sync. So, you'll get the best of all of those worlds. And that's work that's coming in [Windows] Blue," said the source that deserved to remain anonymous.

Intel has said for a number of times that the Core i “Haswell” chips will bring numerous power consumption-related advances over existing offerings. Given the fact that the new central processing unit has been architected to be exceptionally energy-efficient from the very beginning, it is very likely that it will end-up being less power hungry than the Core i-series 3000-family “Ivy Bridge” offerings even under modern operating systems. Meanwhile, Windows Blue is supposed to make everything even better.

Many enterprise customers these days have not started their migration to Windows 8 operating system yet. Perhaps, Windows 8 with “Windows Blue” update package will make them change their minds with improved energy-efficiency, performance or even something else?

Microsoft and Intel did not comment on the news-story.