Samsung Readies Galaxy S4 Mini for June – July Launch – Rumour

First Specs, Images of Galaxy S4 Mini Get Published

by Anton Shilov
03/26/2013 | 11:48 PM



While Samsung’s Galaxy S-series smartphones are clearly among the most desired mobile devices these days, for a lot of consumers they seem to be just too big. For those clients, who demand to have the latest high-end mobile technology from Samsung, the company develops S-series mini smartphones that do not feature full performance, but have similar capabilities.

It took Samsung around five months to deliver a smaller version of the Galaxy S III smartphone after it launched the Galaxy S III in mid-2012, which potentially lowered sales of the compact smartphone; it looks like the company has learnt its lessons and it seems that the Galaxy S4 mini will be ready already in Summer, 2013. At least, according to a news-story by SamMobile web-site, which also has published the first photos of the Galaxy S4 mini, the new compact flagship should hit the market in June – July, 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is projected to feature a 4.3” Super AMOLED qHD display (960*540) and will be based on system-on-chip with two cores running at 1.6GHz (it should be logical for Samsung to use Exynos 5 Dual with two ARM Cortex-A15 cores for this purpose to offer at least comparable performance to the Galaxy S4, but a likely scenario includes dual-core ARM Cortex-A9). The smartphone will be powered by TW Nature UX 2.0 running on Android 4.2.2.

It is logical to expect Galaxy S4 mini to feature software innovations found on the Galaxy S4. Given the fact that the latter became thinner than the predecessor, it may be possible to expect thinner S4 mini as well.

Based on the published images, the Galaxy S4 mini looks much like the Galaxy S4 and in generally more stylish than the Galaxy S III mini.

Samsung did not comment on the news-story.