Google to Produce “Thousands” of Google Glass Eyewear in the Coming Weeks – Report

Google Contracts Hon Hai Precision to Make Developer Versions of Google Glass in the U.S.

by Anton Shilov
03/27/2013 | 06:38 PM

Google is finally on the home stretch to start supplying its highly-anticipated Google Glass eyewear to software developers and select individuals as it had already ordered several thousands of devices to Hon Hai Precision Industry (better known for Foxconn Technology brand name). In a bid to make everything in maximum secrecy, the contract maker will produce the goggles at its facilities in California.


Google is expected to sell select app developers who attended certain Google events and technology enthusiasts (who won a certain contest and can pay $1500 per device) around eight thousand of Google Glass augmented reality glasses in the coming weeks, according to the Financial Times. The sci-fi headset will be assembled by Foxconn Technology in Santa Clara, California at a special facility designed specifically for making small quantities of prototypes.

Google Glass is a wearable construction with 0.5” (1.3cm) display, a camera, battery, wireless chips and antenna. While virtually all components of the Glass are made in various Asian countries, the final devices will be assembled under close supervision of the developers, which should provide more opportunities for last-minute fixes and for personal customization, if needed.

Target applications for the Google Glass include, among other things, taking and sharing photos, checking appointments, accessing maps and the Internet as well as some other, like e-mail, notification center, information updates and so on.

Given the fact that Google is about to start supplying its Glass to people outside the company for test-driving, it seems that the company has solved the majority of early problems with the user interface, battery life, input methods and other. While the product will not reach consumers for about a year, it appears that the search giant is on track with the development.

If Google succeeds in creation of wearable systems with displays incorporated into glasses, then it will be able to further broaden availability of its services that will be present not only on PCs or mobile devices, but virtually everywhere.

Google and Foxconn did not comment on the news-story.