Microsoft Windows Phone 8 to Support Quad-Core App Processors, 1080p Displays Only By Year End

Quad-Core Application Processors, Full-HD Displays to Feature Only in Next-Generation of Windows Phone Smartphones

by Anton Shilov
04/10/2013 | 11:58 PM

Although Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Phone 8 operating system has much in common with fully-fledged Windows 8, unlike the PC OS it remains an extremely closed platform that does not allow any considerable hardware customization of smartphones on its base. As it appears, the current version of the WP8 does not support 1080p displays and quad-core app processor. Only later this year Windows Phone partners will be able to support features available on Google Android-based handsets now.


At present Windows Phone 8 operating system supports only 800*480 (WVGA), 1280*768 (WXGA), and 1280*720 (720p, HD720) resolutions. In order to support other resolutions and take advantage of modern system-on-chips, a special OS update by Microsoft is needed. The world’s largest software developer is currently working on the so-called general distribution release 3 (GDR3) for Windows Phone, which will bring support for 1920*1080 resolution along with Qualcomm Snadragon 600/800 processors with up to four general-purpose cores and new graphics adapters as well as other innovations.

Unfortunately, GDR3 will only be available late this year and will power devices that will actually belong to the next generation of Windows Phone smartphones, according to The Verge web-site. As a consequence, companies like Nokia Corp. will be unable to compete against emerging superphones from companies like Samsung Electronics or Huawei full large full-HD displays for at least two more quarters.

It is interesting to note that GDR3 is not directly related to Microsoft’s Blue updates to its operating systems and services and will be rolled-out separately.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.