Samsung Unifies Windows PC Line Under Newly Expanded Ativ Brand

Samsung to Sell All Windows-Based Devices Under Ativ Brand

by Anton Shilov
04/25/2013 | 11:59 PM

Samsung Electronics America on Thursday announced it will expand the Ativ brand to include all of its Windows based PCs. Ativ, previously the brand for the company’s Windows-based convertible PC devices, now unites all of Samsung’s Windows devices under one cohesive brand, representing the convergence of PC and mobile technologies.

For Samsung, Windows = Ativ


The unification of all Samsung Windows PC products under the Ativ brand represents Samsung’s commitment to grow as a global leader in the PC space, as well as its dedication to extending mobile innovation and user experiences across all devices by integrating PCs into the mobile division. Current products will be rolled out with new names under the Ativ brand beginning today.

The new product names under the Ativ brand will provide customers an easy way to understand the product segments across Samsung’s PC portfolio. Samsung Ativ will also offer users a consistent and seamless computing experience across Samsung’s diverse PC line. Separately, unification of Windows-based offerings under Ativ brand means that Samsung may be preparing new PCs running non-Windows OS.

“Samsung has been the fastest growing PC brand for the past three years, in part because of our commitment to developing solutions that meet and exceed the ever-evolving needs of our customers. Our expanded Ativ brand and the introduction of solutions like SideSync create the necessary synergy between our mobile and PC lines to create real ease of use for consumers. These synergies enable us to maintain our momentum and continue to offer our customers innovations that enhance the way they live and work,” said Mike Abary, senior vice president of consumer IT product marketing at Samsung Electronics America.

Samsung Introduces SideSync

Samsung customers will now enjoy a completely integrated experience across their smartphones, tablets and PCs, thanks to SideSync technology, the first of several new Ativ features that will be introduced this year. This new technology enables users to seamlessly switch from working on their PC to their Android-based Samsung smartphone by simply connecting the two devices via a USB cable.

When connected, users can respond to a text on a mobile phone from their PC keyboard; view maps, photos and multimedia from their phone on their PC screen; make edits to files on their phone via their Ativ PC; and even drag and drop files from one unit to another. The result is a more seamless experience, fewer interruptions to work and everyday life, and the ability to utilize the best features of both devices.

SideSync is compatible with all Ativ notebooks, laptops, tablet devices and all-in-one PCs with Windows 8, and currently supports Samsung Android-based devices. It will be pre-loaded as a desktop app on all Windows 8 Ativ models.

While SideSync seems to be a decent technology, its usability is under a huge question mark since it is not wireless and relies on a cable connection, which means that either users will have to carry cables with them all the time, or will be able to sync only in one place. By contrast, Apple’s iOS and OS X devices can sync wirelessly and documents from one device can be accessed from other gadgets.