Samsung Preps Waterproof Version of Galaxy S4 Flagship Smartphone – Report

Samsung Develops “Rugged” Version of Galaxy S4 Smartphone

by Anton Shilov
04/26/2013 | 11:53 PM

Samsung Electronics, the biggest mobile phone maker in the world, is working on a special version of a rugged Galaxy S4 smartphone, which could withstand against water and dust. Ultimately Samsung wants its flagship based on Google Android operating system to compete against waterproof Xperia Z, the flagship smartphone from Sony Corp.


Samsung is working on at least one rugged smartphones and at least two new media tablets, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. One smartphone is a “rugged” flavor of Galaxy S4. The new phone, tentatively called the Galaxy S4 Active, will be waterproof and dust proof, but Samsung is aiming to maintain the look and feel of the S4, the media outlet claims citing its sources.

Being the largest smartphone supplier on the planet, Samsung wants to compete against everything on the market. The Galaxy S4 directly rivals flagship products like Apple iPhone 5 and HTC One in terms of performance and feature-set. As it appears, Samsung wants to directly compete against Sony Xperia Z in terms of everything possible, including capabilities and ruggedness.


Samsung is set to start shipping its Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone in May and June, depending on the region. The company is also working on Galaxy S4 mini handset, which would inherit capabilities of the full one. Galaxy S4 “Active” seems to be something new, even though official capabilities of the S4 predicted the emergence of the smartphone.

Samsung did not comment on the news-story.