Google Smart Watch to Be Released in Foreseeable Future, Set to Mimic Google Glass

Motorola Expected to Manufacture Google’s Smart Watch

by Anton Shilov
05/13/2013 | 09:10 PM

Given the hype that surrounds smart interactive watches from Apple, Samsung and others, it should not be a surprise that Google is also working on its own product of the kind. According to a media report, the watch from Google are not too far away and should be manufacturer by Motorola, which has experience in this kind of products.


Without any surprises, Google’s smartwatch will run Android operating system. Moreover, the company has already demonstrated the product in different forms in at least three different officers: in Berlin, Germany; in Machester, England and in Mountain View, California, reports Android Authority web-site. At present it is believed that the watch is set for release sometime soon.

As it appears, the Google Android-based watch will be one of the first products developed by Google and Motorola Mobility together. The latter will also produce it, albeit it is unknown whether it still has manufacturing lines or will just outsource manufacturing to its usual partners in China. Given the fact that Motorola released its own MotoActv smartwatch several years ago to compete against Apple iPod Nano, the company should have experience in this kind of products.

Unfortunately, nothing particular is known about functionality of Google interactive watches. The media report suggests that the watch will offer functionality comparable to that of Google Glass, which is remains generally unknown. One thing that is clear is that the smart watch from Google will require a smartphone to operate.

Interactive wrist-watches are supposed to be companions for smartphones and media tablets. It is logical to expect smart watch to feature media player controls, information updates, calendar, compass, reminders, NFC payment system and other functions that do not require a lot of screen real-estate. A lot of users will also appreciate custom apps for such devices.

Google and Motorola did not comment on the news-story.