Photos of Inexpensive Apple iPhone Hit the Web

Low-Cost Apple iPhone Seems to Get Materialized

by Anton Shilov
07/14/2013 | 08:36 AM

The first images of what is claimed to be inexpensive Apple iPhone made of plastic have been published by a web-site. The quality of photos and the form-factor of the alleged devices suggest that the deal is about commercially made prototypes. Unfortunately, it is still unknown when and if low-cost Apple iPhones are set to hit the market.


In case the images published by 9to5mac web-site depict a real product, then the inexpensive Apple iPhone will be available in pink (in two shades), blue, white and green (in two shades). The encasings do not carry Apple’s usual information about where the device has been designed and made. The images also do not depict any product numbers on the cases. Those PN numbers are typically present on all Apple iPhones. The cases still carry an Apple logotype and the iPhone product name.


The low-cost Apple iPhone seems to share the form-factor with the iPhone 5, which means that we can expect dimensions similar to the current flagship smartphone from Apple. In addition, it is logical to expect 4” retina-class display with 1136*640 resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass cover.

It remains to be seen whether at least some of the depicted products will actually reach mass production. Apple is known for having multiple prototypes of the same device. The company usually settles on one version of the gadget as well as limited amount of its colours and versions.


In case multi-color low-cost Apple iPhone actually enters the market, it will clearly become a formidable competitor to Nokia Corp.’s Lumia series of smartphones that is known for coloured plastic encasings.

Apple did not comment on the news-story.